Monday, June 23, 2008

1 geek, 1 blog, no cup!

Hello folks.

This is my first initial post on this blog. I have blogged before, but that was many moons ago and saying that makes me feel old for some reason. Anyway, I wanted to start this blog because I have begin to noticed that I need some sort of outlet to post all my thoughts, stories and opinions that have been piling up in my head for many years.

I will cover many topics on this blog. Some good, some boring. All very geeky of course. One of the main topics outside the normal geeky type posts like anime and movie opinions will be posts about what its like to work in the video game industry as someone who is a bit of a sideliner and gets to view the industry from sort of a third person view.

Hopefully some people will view this blog and find it interesting or at least something to laugh at. If not, thats ok of course. I just wanted a place to sort of vent and post ideas I have.

Anyway, I will post on here as much as I can of course. So let the games begin.

-P. Knight

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