Monday, June 23, 2008

Pow....Right in the kisser!

So in World of Warcraft, you get to meet a lot of interesting folks especially when you are in a guild. These folks usually have some interesting stories.

This is one of them.

In my old WoW guild, Still Life, we had a certain Warlock who's real name was Wayne and worked at a tattoo parlor on the east coast. Wayne had been a tattoo artist for many years and had seen some weird stuff.

Now one summer day, Wayne was doing a lower back tattoo for some hot blond girl who came in. While doing the tattoo, the girl had pulled her pants down a bit exposing a fair amount of her ass crack.

So half way through the tattoo, the girl started to freak out and began to have a seizure. Wayne didn't notice at first until the girl started to shake and next thing he knew, brown stuff came flying out of the girls ass crack and was landing all over his shirt.

Yes, you read that right folks. Poor Wayne was shit on at work.

Now normally you have to go to Germany and pay lots of money to certain women there to do that, but Wayne got it for free.

Thankfully the girl came out of her seizure and was ok while Wayne had to get a new shirt from his boss. The girl got the rest of her tattoo done and then left while apologizing for what happened.

So now when you think your job is shit, think of this story and smile.

-P. Knight

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