Sunday, June 29, 2008

Diablo 3

Hey folks,

Well as many may know by this time, Blizzard announced that their next game after Starcraft 2 will indeed be Diablo 3 like many people expected it to be. They made the big announcement as well as released some more details about the new game, including the new Witch Doctor class they announced, this past weekend at the Blizzard International Invitational. To check out the pretty nifty looking trailer, just hit the video below.

Diablo3 - Cinematic Trailer from on Vimeo.

Honestly, that was a pretty nice looking trailer though a bit of a cocktease much like the Starcraft 2 trailer. Some really nice CG as well as some teases with some of the characters from the first two games. Whoever made the trailer though watched to much Lord of the Rings though since I think the Diablo 3 trailer looks exactly like a trailer for the LotR trilogy trailer including giant castles built into the hillside, a old man as well as a young person having a nightmare about the big bad guy.

Anyway, some new game play was shown off this weekend as well and it looks very good. Much like how Starcraft 2 looked compared to Starcraft one. You can check out the new game play footage below.

Diablo 3 Gameplay-Video from mmozone on Vimeo.

As for more info on Diablo 3 as well as all the info that was released this weeked at the Invitational, just hit the link below:

Diablo 3 coverage at World of Raids!

-P. Knight

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John Wu said...

I've always loved Blizzard's pre-rendered cinematics. I find it adds more mood/drama than the crappy in-game cinematics as seen in most games these days.

The character in the gameplay footage looks like Kratos, only without the cool fight mechanics.

Good post!