Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting Smart

Hey kids,

So this weekend I decided to go see the new movie remake of the classic TV series, Get Smart. I decided to see it because I did like the original series and Steve Carell is always funny in these sorts of rolls. Plus my only other option was the Mike Myers abortion, the Love Guru.

In both the series and new movie of Get Smart, its the basic story of good vs. evil. After reading the reviews of Love Guru, I think the whole good vs. evil thing can apply to these two movies as well since they both opened this weekend and were both being named "Comedy of the summer".

Despite being a TV remake, the Get Smart movie was actually good. Not The Office good of course, but it still had me rolling and laughing most of the movie. There are a lot of throwbacks to the old series, but this is still revamp and origin movie. We find out how Maxwell Smart becomes a agent of Control and see him and his partner 99 first pair together to stop the agents of C.H.O.A.S.

As per normal Carelly, we get his very spot on dry humor and wit as he plays Smart in a bit of a different way then Adams did in the original show. I think thats good really since it means Carell wanted to make the character his own and give it his own touch then be a Adams clone. He does a spot on job and really pulls off the over confident goofball agent who always messes up, but manages to get the job done in the end.

The rest of the cast includes Anne Hathaway as Agent 99, Alan Arkin as The Chief and The Rock as Agent 23. Arkin does his usual great job as the Chief and you honestly want to see more of him since he is just does a great performance. The Rock plays the ladies man, super badass Agent 23 who Smart looks up to. Surprisingly, he does a pretty decent job in the movie and is actually funny. After making The Rundown, I wish we would of seen him in some better movies then all the kid friendly ones he did. The guy can act and is funny. He should really drop the Disney crap and start doing more flicks like this.

As for Anne Hathaway. Its Anne fricking Hathaway. She is hot, cute and sexy all at once and is great as Agent 99. Hathaway can actually act and pulls off sex appeal like no other actresses from her generation. Thats all I really need to say.

As for the rest of the movie. Its the typical good guys vs. bad guys story. Nothing groundbreaking, but its not suppose to be. Its suppose to be easy to follow and fun to watch and it was. Lots of great other actors in the film as well as a few celeb cameos as well.

So overall, I would give this movie a 7.5/10. Its worth seeing in the theaters since it has some good action as well and pretty much everyone in the family will find something to laugh at including your crazy drunk uncle who hugs you a little to long at family reunions.

-P. Knight

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