Friday, June 27, 2008

Out fishin!

Hey folks,

Despite the fact no one is reading my blog of course, I am still doing a post informing you all that I will be in Las Vegas the next few days. I leave mid-Friday and will be back mid-Sunday. I am going to be hanging out with my dad there and we are catching the shows O and Spamalot. I hear great things about O and I already saw Spamalot in New York a few years back, so I know it will be good. Other then that, a bit of gambling, checking out all the hotels and shops and trying not to die of to much eating at the buffets is what we have planned right now.

So everyone have a good weekend and don't forget in 1 more day, we will know what Blizzards big new announcement will be thanks to their splash page over at as well as their international invitational which is happening this weekend. Have a good one folks and go check out Wanted or Wall-e this weekend as well.

-P. Knight

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