Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And you thought the new ones were bad...

Hey folks,

As a fellow comic book reader and movie lover like many geeks out there, the recent Fantastic 4 movies really made me cringe to watch. They took a pretty good premise and just totally made into a campy, commercial film that lost the soul of the comic series. Many fans voiced similar complaints and many still hope that Marvel may restart the series like they did with the Hulk series as well as the Punisher series. But before these two recent bombs hit, there was another Fantastic 4 movie which was made back in 1994 and was produced by legendary produce/director, Roger Corman.

The video for this post is the actual trailer for that movie. Give it a watch and just see what sort of real terror the newer F4 movies could of been. As horrible as the new films were, the '94 edition has them beat hands down I must say. See the Thing in blue silk looking undies will haunt my nightmares forever.


-P. Knight

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