Monday, July 7, 2008

Robots are people to!

Hey folks,

Honestly at this point in time, I really don't think Pixar can make a bad film. A few years back, they announced that they wanted to do a new movie every summer and stop making people wait 3-4 years for a new film to come out. With that announcement, many wondered if Pixar could keep up the same quality of film as they had with Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and all the rest. Since that announcement, we have had Cars, Ratatouille and now Wall-e. Safe to say, Wall-e was able to meet the Pixar gold standard and is a bit better then it's two predecessors.

The general story of the film is about a little trash compactor robot named Wall-e who, 700 years in the future, is the last of his kind of earth which is now a giant trash bin which he is suppose to clean up. Over the years, Wall-e started to wonder about the things in the world he lives and now collects all kinds of items that gather his interest. The biggest problem for him though is that he is lonely and only has a pet cockroach to keep him company. Out of the blue though, a spaceship lands on earth and lets loose a brand new I-pod looking robot who is there to see if there is any signs of growth on earth. With this, Wall-e falls for the new robot, named Eve, and does everything he can to swoon her. Of course just like with my previous girlfriend, the giant spaceship returns to collect Eve and take her back to the main ship where all humans are living now in space. So Wall-e now must chase after her and ends up finding himself in a adventure that could effect all of earth and the human race.

Even though the story behind Wall-e is a bit simple, reviewing the film is a bit tricky. Much like other Pixar films, Wall-e has two layers to the film which will appeal to both adults and kids. The tricky part though is that there isn't a whole lot to this movie content wise. With other Pixar movies, there is always a lot going on, lot of talking, a good amount of characters and or a really in-depth plot. But with Wall-e, you feel like you are eating a big piece of cotton candy. It looks good, it tastes good, but there isn't a whole lot there.

Honestly, that is what amazes me the most about this film. Despite very little spoken dialog in the film, there is a lot of emotions and concepts expressed in the movie that will hit home with many viewers. The two basic concepts though are a cute love story about a goofy robot falling for a high tech, cutting edge robot and his adventure to save her while the other concept is about how humans are becoming total pigs and couch potatoes. The love story will make everyone from the youngest to the oldest smile while the social commentary will only stick to those over the age of 12.

No matter what you take from the film though, you will like it. I am not saying you will walk out and love it nor do I think its the best Pixar film to date, but its still one of their stronger films and is tons of fun to watch. There is a lot of great comedy in the film while the adventure part is fun to watch and the romance stuff is very cute. I think they get a little heavy handed with the social commentary type stuff, but its still done very well and makes a very good point about how humans now a days are really becoming giant slugs and letting everything around them do their work for them. But even with that, I really did like Wall-e and I give the film a 9/10. My only advice though is to catch a late show if you check it out in the theaters or wait till the DVD release so you don't have a billions kids in the audience always talking. Either way though, go see this film because I think its one of those ones everyone should see.

-P. Knight

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