Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Hellboy goodness

Well yesterday I posted a really cool commercial for Hellboy 2 that involved Hellboy being interviewed on Inside the Actors Studio. Well this time around I got another commercial like that, but this time its with NBC's hit show main character, Chuck. I'm telling you, they really are doing a bang up job with marketing this time around for the movie. Check it out below for some good funniness.

Also as another treat for all you Hellboy fans out there, has a exclusive prologue video that is a good intro into who the Golden Army is as well as who some of the main characters will be in Hellboy 2. The video is done as a animated comic and it definitely captures the Hellboy look and feel. So check it out so you can be set to go when you go see the movie next Friday. Enjoy!

Apple's Hellboy 2 prologue movie!

-P. Knight

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