Friday, July 25, 2008

Death Knight Pics Part 2

Hey folks,

Here are the rest of the Death Knights photos I was talking about from the Lich King beta. As you can see, lots of cool stuff.

For those who were wondering how it all may work once the Death Knights are able to leave the closed off area and rejoin the rest of the WoW community, its rather easy. At the end of the last quest in the closed off area, which is to take down Light's Hope Chapel, the DK is given a new spell that allows him to transport himself back to Ebon Hold which is the new city for DKs located about Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaugelands. In Ebon Hold, all DKs can train new spells, but reagents and do other type city stuff there. Not sure if Ebon Hold has a auction house or not though and so far you have to transport down to Light's Hope Chapel in order to get a flight path back to any other major city.

Hopefully they change that a bit so that there are teleports in Ebon Hold back to the main cities or else DKs will have a lot of flying to do. And yes, DKs do get hearthstones, so they will have two types of transport they can use. Good news is that the Ebon Hold one only has a 15 minute cooldown so far.

Anyway, will add more pics from the beta later. All of them from Northrend which is totally badass looking. Some places have a very Tim Burton, Nightmare Before Christmas feel to them. So be on the look out for those as well.

-P. Knight

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