Friday, July 25, 2008

More Lich King Beta pics

Hey folks,

As I said before, here are some more photos from the WoW Lich King Beta. The photos first start with the new Stormwind Harbor that will be fully build once Lich King goes live and is currently being build on the live servers. After the Harbor, all the rest of the photos are of the new continent Northrend where the Lich King is.

Unlike in Burning Crusade, Alliance and Horde players will take a boat from either Stormwind or Undercity to get to their own respective cities in Northrend. For Alliance at least, they will be starting at the southern tip of the Borean Tundra in the new human Alliance town, Valiance Keep. From there, Alliance characters will have all sorts of quests to explore Borean Tundra which has all sorts of new mobs as well as interesting terain ranging from red deserts to huge snowy plains and even massive geyser fields.

After Borean Tundra, I ran through Dragonblight which as the name may suggest, there were a good amount of dragons running around. There are these huge dragon shrines all over the place and all look really cool of course. Each has a different them ranging from plush gardens to total fire pits. Its interesting to see diverse landscapes in Dragonblight since most of the area is totally covered in snow. Along the way you will run into some undead, see the massive Lord of the Rings like gateway to Icecrown, run by massively huge dragon bones and deal with some very unhappy dragons. Also of note is that Dragonblight is where Naxxramas is now.

Going more northeast, I went into an area called Zul'drak. Here I went from the huge artic theme of Dragonblight to more of a freakish forrest undead area that contained everything from trolls to elementals to some really weird new undead. Right as you get into the zone, you are surrounded by very eerie looking trees that look more dead then alive. After running into Northrend's version of Durn the Hungerer, I went up a flight of stairs which led me to a new tier that was covered in water and decaying old walls and buildings and had tons of undead roaming around. After getting passed them and metting up with a offshoot of the Argent Dawn, I went up to the next tier which had friendly elementals fighting undead mobs. Getting past them and up another tier, I was at the entrance pathway to Gundrak which had tons of both undead and trolls wanting to kill me. In front was a large kodos who was a boss.

After getting out of there due to how many mobs wanted to kill me and the fact they were all above level 75, I went back to Borean Tundra to go far north and down into Sholazar Basin. Now many people may remember the plush location of Un'goro, well Sholazar Basin is like Un'goro, but on steroids. Its all very plush, looks like a massive jungle and has tons of new beasts to check out. One new mob who are actually good guys are the Oracles who are basically the next step in the Murloc evolutionary chain. They aren't as colorful as Murlocs, but are a lot smarter it seems and actually look rather nasty in a fight. And of course, even Hemet Nesingwary is there to offer you more quests.

Sholazar is really cool looking and there is a lot to cover in there. There are even certain spots where undead are more toward the south since the area is sort of connected to the Icecrown zone. So be on the lookout for armies of undead as well as another new mob called proto-dragons. You won't see to many of those guys, but they are very freaky looking and spit fire out as well. Based on some of the building that are in Sholazar, you can tell there use to be a higher race there. Seeing a Stargate type gateay there as well as the Maker's buildings make you wonder why this plush area is on a totally frozen continent.

As for the last photos with the really cool looking trees, they were taken at the entrance way to a zone called Storm Peaks. I didn't get a chance to check the area out yet, but those neon type trees were very cool looking to say the least.

So for now, thats all the photos I have till I log back on this weekend to get some more. Hope you liked them so far and be on the look out for some more of course. Enjoy!

-P. Knight

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