Friday, July 25, 2008

Lich King Beta Pics

Hey folks,

As some may know, this past Monday I was able to get onto the World of Warcraft: Wraith of the Lich King beta that came out last Friday. Since then, I have been messing around with the beta and even tried my hand at the new Hero class, Death Knight.

Having tried out the Death Knight class for a few levels, who actually starts at level 55, I decided to take a few snapshots of the beginning quests that players must do to unlock the Death Knight class and take the character to the real "overworld" of Azeroth. Below you will find the first batch of pics showing some of the new quests as well as the brand new starting area for the Death Knight class.

Everyone who wants to play a Death Knight has to do these first few quests, which take about a hour to two hours depends on their luck, to do in order to finally get out of the DK start area and rejoin the real WoW world. The quests were all pretty fun actually with only a few having some bugs. I remember Blizzard said they wanted the intro DK quests to be something very cool and memorable, and I think some of these will be.

My only main gripe so far with the quests is that they are all way to easy. When you think Hero Class, you would think it would actually take some time and effort to unlock the DK class before you can really play them in the game. Here though, you just start the DK at level 55, as long as you have another character at level 55+, and just do these variety of quests and you are done. None of the quests were all to challenging and never really took much thinking to do them. Most where just kill certain mobs and that was it. There were a cool few ones though like being able to ride a frost undead dragon to kill off a city of Scarlet Crusaders, turn a bunch of miners into your own army of ghouls, steal a horse which had the great quest name of Grand Theft Palomino and the final quest which was one of the coolest ones I have seen to date where you and a army of other DKs fight the people at Lights Hope Chapel.

Overall it was still a fun quest series to do and it was cool to see a lot of the bosses from Naxx standing around helping you kill people and giving you quests. Even the Lich King was there giving you orders which was really cool since he is the big baddie this time around. I still wish they would of mad the quests more challenging, but this is the beta of course, so you never know if Blizz may make them more challenging or not.

Anyway, here is the first batch of photos for now. Will add more of the DK area soon as well as some photos of Northrend to boot. Enjoy!

-P. Knight

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