Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tropic Thunder or bust

Hey folks,

Well it seems my universally know bad luck streak hit again today and I wasn't able to make the Tropic Thunder early screening this evening. My buddy and I made it to the theater about a hour before the showing and found out that all the tickets were gone and that there were still like over 50 people there who couldn't get in including us. We hung out for a bit and one of the people running the screening took down out names and email addresses saying that there is another showing next week in West Los Angeles and that she was gonna send us passes for then.

So hopefully next week we will get in this time around. Apparently people were getting there over 2 hours early, so we may have to do the same thing. So yeah, sorry folks, no review of course. But fingers crossed on the showing next week. I really want to check out Tropic Thunder since it honestly looks like the first real comedy of the year, so I do really hope I can get in next week. Either way though, will see it no matter what of course be it early or when it actually comes out next month.

-P. Knight

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