Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Justice is blind

Hey folks,

So this week I am on call for jury duty. I didn't have to go in on Monday or Tuesday, but did end up having to come in on Wendsday. I am actually making this post on a computer in the Inglewood justice building oddly enough. Anyway, just wanted to post something a little funny that I saw on the way back from lunch as I had to report to some jury panel. Driving back from a local McDonalds I had for lunch, I saw two guys trading somewhat large packages of cocaine with each other right outside. The fact that these guys were doing this just mere minutes away from the justice buildings just seemed rather ironic to me.

Even one of the guys I am sitting here with waiting to see if we have to serve or not told me he stopped at a little dinner across the street for lunch and everyone was smoking weed. I just find this all a little funny where me and this guy are wearing juror badges and we are seeing all these illegal actions which are all happening just within earshot of the Inglewood justice buildings. Definitely a bit surreal I must say.

-P. Knight

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