Monday, July 28, 2008

More of Northrend part 2

Hey folks,

Here is the other batch of Northrend photos I promised. This time around, I got some shots from the other new starting area, Howling Fjord. Howling is on the opposite site od Northrend from Borean Tundra, but its also a second starting area for all you level 70's out there. I talked about this earlier, but Blizzard has done a smart thing here and has made two starting areas in Northrend for level 70's instead of just one like they did for level 60's and Hellfire Peninsula in Burning Crusade.

Howling Fjord is actually a very cool looking zone and is a bit of a throwback to more of the classic look of WoW with a touch of viking influence. The starting town for Aliiance is a place called Valgarde and is run by dwarfs who are trying to stop a viking race as well as local mobs from taking down the new city. The early photos are of Valgarde and the surrounding area that is all located at the bottom of a canyon. You can arrive at Valgarde by taking a boat from Menethil Harbor.

Once I got out of the town, I took the roads northwest and traveled through Ember Clutch where I ran into some dragons and trappers and then went up to Gjalerbron which had a ton of undead and spider mobs roaming around. After that I went east past a Horde town and then further north which took me down a mountain and into another new zone called Grizzly Hills.

Now for all you backpackers or outdoor types out there, you will get a real kick out of Grizzy Hills. The place is very much like a WoW version of the Yosimite National Park here in California. Huge massive trees and forests, all sorts of cute animals running around and of course lots of furblogs as well. The whole area has a very serene feel to it and you feel like you are gonna get lost in all the woods. You honestly never know what you are gonna find in Grizzly hills. Just walking around i found huge tribes of furblogs, massive earth giants, really mean stone golems as well as a several different humans who are trying to cut down all the woods. There are a few undead roaming around, but they are more on the outskirts of the zone instead of all the way in like most of the other zones in Northrend. I think people will get a real kick out of Grizzly Hills just because its one one the more normal looking places in Northrend and definitely gives you a breathtaking view once you get higher up in some of the areas.

Anyway, thats it for now folks. Gonna get some more photos later on and will post them on here as soon as I do. But for now, enjoy these!

-P. Knight

Pixar is on the up and up!

Hey folks,

For all you Pixar fans out there, here is the brand new teaser trailer for their new upcoming flick, Up! There isn't a whole lot known about the film other then it comes out next year, but it looks like it will be a funny and cute little adventure just like most other Pixar films of course. So check out the teaser trailer below. Enjoy!

-P. Knight

Sunday, July 27, 2008

More beta pics from Northrend

Hey folks,

Well as promised, here are more pictures from the WoW:Wraith of the Lich King beta. These first batch of photos are from some places I had already been, but ended up going back to and was able to find some more cool parts to explore.

Most of the pictures are of Borean Tundra again. This time around I decided to explore the west cost of the zone and got to see one of the Horde starting cities as well as some familiar faces as well as the new siege vehicles. And yes, that is Kel'thuzad that I had targeted near a Horde city. Not exactly Mr. Friendly I tell you.

Anyway, once I got out of Borean Tundra, I went west again back into Dragonblight for a little bit. There I ran into a really huge stone mob walking around on "The Path of the Titans" as well as got to see undead mobs resurrecting dead dragons into frost wyrms.

Finally I went north from Dragonblight and wound up at the entrance way to Storm Peaks again. There are no mobs there yet, but the entrance way area, called "Crystalsong Forrest", was still amazing looking and I snapped a few shots there before I got ported back to Howling Fjord by Blizzard for going into a area that wasn't ready yet.

Enjoy the pics, will have a fresh batch up really soon.

-P. Knight